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Vicks Vaporub is a popular over-the-counter topical medication used to relieve symptoms of congestion, cough, and minor aches and pains associated with the common cold. VapoRub belongs to human OTC drug. It works by making your skin feel warm or cool, which blocks pain signals going to the brain.

When applied to the chest and throat, Vicks VapoRub can be used to provide temporary relief from coughing caused by irritation of the throat or lungs. It is known for its therapeutic benefits in cough and cold relief, and provides effective multi-symptom relief for cough, congestion, and muscle aches. When applied to other areas of the body, Vicks VapoRub can be used to provide temporary relief from minor muscle or joint pain.

Vicks VapoRub can be used on the chest and throat to provide temporary relief from coughing caused by a common cold. It can also be used on muscles and joints to provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains.

Uses and Dosage

Vicks VapoRub comes in the form of a gel and should only be used externally. Before using it, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. If you are treating your hands, only wash them before use. Apply a thin film of the medication to the affected area but avoid applying it to burned or damaged skin.

Discuss the use of this medication in children with your care team. While it may be given to children as young as 2 years for selected conditions, precautions do apply. Make sure to follow the dosing instructions closely, and never give more medication than the label recommends.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects of Vicks Vaporub

  • Skin irritation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergic reactions, including itching, hives, and swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and throat
  • Other possible side effects include eye irritation and burning, bronchospasm, and a decrease in blood pressure

Form and Strength

Vicks Vaporub is available in the following forms and strengths:

Vicks Vaporub: Gel

  • No dose


  • Vicks VapoRub should not be used on children under the age of two. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with a doctor before using Vicks VapoRub on their chest. Furthermore, breastfeeding mothers should avoid applying the product to their chest while breastfeeding their baby.
  • Stop using and consult a doctor if muscle aches and pains persist for more than 7 days or come back; if a cough lasts more than 7 days, comes back, or occurs with fever, rash, or persistent headache; or if new symptoms occur. Keep VapoRub away from the eyes and mouth and avoid contact with broken skin.
  • You should not heat or microwave Vicks VapoRub. Do not add Vicks VapoRub to hot water or any container where heating water. Doing so may cause splattering and result in burns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I use Vicks VapoRub?

Use exactly as directed on the label, or as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take it by mouth. Topical medicine is for use only on the skin. Do not apply it to broken skin or an open wound.

How often can I use Vicks VapoRub?

For cough suppression, Vicks VapoRub may be used up to 3 times daily or as directed by your doctor. Simply rub a thick layer on your chest and throat. For muscle/joint minor aches and pains, Vicks VapoRub may be applied to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.

What does Vicks VapoRub do?

Vicks VapoRub temporarily relieves cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation associated with the common cold. It can also be used to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains in muscles and joints.

Does Vicks VapoRub expire?

Yes. Do not use Vicks VapoRub beyond the expiration date on the package.

How does Vicks VapoRub work?

Vicks VapoRub contains medicated vapors that enter the nose and mouth. The powerful long-lasting vapors start working in minutes to soothe coughs for easier breathing.


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