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Senokot is an over-the-counter medication indicated to relieve constipation. Senokot contains a natural vegetable laxative made from senna concentrate. Sennosides are known as stimulant laxatives.  It works by keeping water in the intestines, which causes movement of the intestines.

Sennosides can be used to clean out the intestines before a bowel examination/surgery. It provides gentle, overnight relief from occasional constipation. It works by softening the stools and promoting regular bowel movements.

Uses and Dosage

Senokot comes in the form of tablets to take by mouth as directed by your doctor. To take Senokot, follow the instructions of your doctor for tablet intake orally. If you are treating yourself, carefully read and follow all directions mentioned on the product package. In case of any doubt or questions, consult your doctor or pharmacist. If you are using the chewable tablets, make sure to chew each tablet properly and then swallow.

The frequency of Senokot use will depend on the individual, follow the dosage instructions on the label and speak to a healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

  • Adults and children aged 12 and older: The typical starting dose is 2 tablets by mouth once a day. The maximum dose is 4 tablets two times a day.
  • Children aged 6 to 11 years: The typical starting dose is 1 tablet by mouth once a day. The maximum dose is 2 tablets two times a day.
  • Children aged 2 to 5 years: The typical starting dose is ½ tablet by mouth once a day. The maximum dose is 1 tablet two times a day.
  • Children under 2 years of age: Senna is not recommended for this age group. Ask your child's doctor for appropriate treatment.

Side effect

Common Side Effects of Senokot (Sennosides – non-Rx):

  • Abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Belching
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Urine discoloration

Serious Side Effects of Senokot (Sennosides – non-Rx):

  • Allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, and skin rash.
  • Constipation
  • Electrolyte abnormalities, including low potassium (hypokalemia)
  • Excessive bowel activity
  • Finger clubbing (long-term use)
  • Fluttering in your chest
  • Increased thirst or urination
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Kidney inflammation
  • Leg cramps
  • Low potassium level
  • Melanosis Coli
  • Muscle weakness or limp feeling.
  • No bowel movement within 12 hours after using senna
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Yellow-brown urine discoloration

Form and strength

Senokot (Sennosides – non-Rx) is available in the following forms and strength:

Senokot: Tablet

  • 8.6 mg

Sennosides: Tablet

  • 8.6 mg
  • 12 mg


  • Senokot is contraindicated (should not be used) in people who are hypersensitive to senna or any of the ingredients in Senokot. It should not be used in children under 12 years old unless under the advice of a doctor.
  • Senokot is classified as a stimulant laxative and should not be used for extended periods of time or in high doses. Overuse of Senokot can lead to laxative dependency or other adverse effects.
  • Senokot should not be used if you have an intestinal obstruction, undiagnosed abdominal pain, severe dehydration, or electrolyte imbalance.
  • Senokot may interact with certain medications and should not be taken if you are already taking other laxatives or medications that affect your bowel movements.
  • Consult your doctor before using Senokot if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant or before using Senokot if you are breastfeeding.
  • Like any medication, Senokot can have potential side effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, or abdominal cramping. Speak to a healthcare provider if you experience any worrying symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Senokot harm a developing baby?

Senokot is unlikely to harm a developing baby because its active ingredient is only minimally absorbed by the body. However, pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before taking any medication.

Can Senokot be taken with other medications?

Senokot may interact with certain medications, so it is important to talk to a doctor or pharmacist before taking it with other drugs.

How long can Senokot be used for?

Senokot should not be used for longer than one week without consulting a doctor.


It's important to purchase Senokot from verified Canadian pharmacy.

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Sennosides, Sennosides – Geneic, Sennosides – non Rx




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