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Contour Glucose Strips are Glucose test strips intended for use by individuals with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels. These test strips are specifically designed to be used with Contour glucose meters, which are compact devices used for measuring blood sugar levels.

Contour Glucose Strips utilize "No Coding" technology, meaning they do not require manual coding or calibration. They are known for their fast test time and are designed to provide accurate results in just a few seconds after applying a small blood sample to the strip. The strips are designed to easily draw in the blood for testing, and they typically require a small sample size, making them potentially less invasive for users.

The Contour glucose strips are designed to be used with the Contour blood glucose monitoring systems, such as the Contour Next or Contour Plus meters. These test strips work by measuring the amount of glucose in a small blood sample.

Use and Dosage

To use Contour glucose strips, here are the general steps based on the information gathered from the search results:

  1. Insert the test strip: Insert the grey end of the Contour glucose test strip into the Contour blood glucose meter. The meter should turn on automatically.
  2. Prepare the lancet: Use a lancet device to prick your finger and obtain a small drop of blood. Follow the instructions provided with the lancet device for proper usage.
  3. Apply blood to the strip: When the meter displays the "Apply Blood" screen, lightly touch the drop of blood to the channel or port on the test strip. Hold it there until the meter beeps or indicates that it has received enough blood.
  4. Wait for the result: The meter will begin analyzing the blood sample, and after a few seconds, it will display your blood glucose level on its screen.
  5. Record your result: Record your blood glucose readings in a logbook or on a digital device for future reference or to share with your healthcare provider.

Safely dispose of the used Contour glucose test strip according to the instructions provided with the meter.

Forms and Strength

Contour Glucose Strips (Contour Glucose Strips - non-Rx) is available in the following forms and strength:

Contour Glucose Strips: Test Strips

  • No dose


  • Compatibility: Use Contour glucose strips with the correct Contour blood glucose meter model specified by the manufacturer. Using incompatible meters or test strips may lead to inaccurate results.
  • Proper storage: Ensure that the Contour glucose strips are stored properly, away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight. Follow the storage instructions provided with the test strips.
  • Expiration date: Check the expiration date on the test strip packaging before use. Expired test strips may provide inaccurate readings.
  • Test strip damage: Inspect the test strip before use. Do not use damaged or bent test strips, as they may affect the accuracy of the blood glucose readings.
  • Cleaning and disinfection: Contour glucose test strips are typically for single-use only and should not be reused. Follow proper hygiene practices, such as cleaning and disinfecting the blood glucose meter according to the manufacturer's instructions, to prevent contamination.
  • User manual: Always refer to the user manual or instructions provided with your specific Contour blood glucose meter and test strips for detailed information on proper usage, precautions, and any specific cautions related to their use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Contour test strips come with the meter?

Yes, when you purchase a Contour blood glucose meter, it typically comes with a bottle of Contour test strips. Subsequent bottles can be ordered from your pharmacist when needed.

How often should I calibrate my Contour glucose meter?

Contour glucose meters typically do not require regular calibration. However, follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user manual. Some meters may require occasional calibration with a control solution to ensure accurate readings.

How long does it take to get a blood glucose reading with Contour glucose strips?

The time it takes to get a blood glucose reading using Contour glucose strips can vary depending on the specific model and version of the meter. Typically, it takes a few seconds to process and display the result on the meter's screen after applying the blood sample to the test strip.

Can I reuse a Contour glucose strip?

No, Contour glucose strips are designed for single-use only and should not be reused. Reusing a test strip can lead to inaccurate readings and compromise the reliability of your blood glucose monitoring.


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Test Strips



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