Celestone Soluspan Injection (Betamethasone Sodium Phospate/Betamethasone Acetate)

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Betamethasone Sodium Phospate/Betamethasone Acetate (Generic alternate to Celestone Soluspan Injection) Generic

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Celestone Soluspan is a prescription medication to be given by injection to treat a variety of conditions, including allergic disorders, arthritis, gout, blood diseases, breathing problems, certain cancers, alopecia areata, discoid lupus erythematosus, keloids, and localized inflammatory conditions.

Celestone Soluspan contains the active ingredients betamethasone acetate. Betamethasone is known as a corticosteroid hormone (glucocorticoid). It works by decreasing your body's immune response to these diseases and reduces symptoms such as swelling.

Use and Dosage

Celestone Soluspan injection can be administered by a healthcare professional into various locations based on your product such as a muscle (intramuscularly), a skin lesion (intradermally), or a joint (intra-articularly). In the case of intramuscular injections, your healthcare professional may teach you how to self-inject.

Follow the injection site, schedule, dosage, and length of treatment recommended by your doctor. Do not inject Celestone Soluspan into a vein or into the spine (epidurally). Use of Celestone Soluspan is not recommended for injection around/into the eye or certain parts of the nose due to the risk of blindness or damage to the eye(s).

To get the most benefit from Celestone Soluspan, use it exactly as directed by your doctor. Do not change the dose or use the medication for a longer time than prescribed.

Before using Celestone Soluspan, wash your hands with soap and water and check the product visually for clumpy particles or discoloration. If either is present, do not use the liquid. Before injecting each dose, clean the injection site with rubbing alcohol and change the injection site each time to prevent injury under the skin. Shake the vial before using to evenly disperse the suspension and inject the prescribed dose immediately after withdrawing it to avoid medication settling in the syringe.

Be sure to learn how to store and dispose of syringes, needles, and medical supplies safely, as prescribed by your pharmacist. If you have been using Celestone Soluspan for an extended period, do not abruptly stop using it without approval from your doctor. Some conditions may worsen when suddenly stopping this medication, and your dose may need to be gradually decreased to reduce symptoms such as weakness, weight loss, nausea, and fatigue.

Side Effects

Common Side Effects of Celestone Soluspan Injection (Betamethasone):

  • Acne
  • Bloating
  • Bone loss
  • Excess stomach acid or heartburn
  • Eye changes
  • High blood sugar
  • Increased hunger
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Mood or behavior changes
  • Slowing of growth
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Upset stomach
  • Weight gain

Serious Side Effects of Celestone Soluspan Injection (Betamethasone):

  • Blurred vision
  • Bumps on the skin
  • Changes in personality
  • Chest pain
  • Eye pain
  • Fast slow or irregular heartbeats
  • General ill feeling
  • Growth (in children)
  • Increased body hair
  • Menstrual changes and
  • Mood changes
  • Pain and swelling or stiffness in your joints with fever
  • Raised blotches (purple, pink, brown, or red) on the skin
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Seeing halos around lights
  • Seizure
  • Severe depression
  • Severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back
  • Sexual changes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Skin discoloration
  • Slow wound healing
  • Swelling
  • Swollen glands
  • Thinning skin
  • Tiredness
  • Tunnel vision
  • Unusual thoughts or behavior
  • Weight gain in your face and shoulders

Forms and Strength

Celestone Soluspan Injection (Betamethasone) is available in the following forms and strength:

Celestone Soluspan Injection: Injection Vial

  • 6mg/1ml


  • Avoid use in patients with systemic fungal infections, acute infections, and peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum.
  • Use caution in patients with high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, previous steroid-induced psychosis, tuberculosis, or liver or kidney disease.
  • Long-term use of Celestone Soluspan Injection may increase the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening infections, as well as bone loss and fractures, cataracts, high blood sugar, and adrenal gland suppression.
  • Before receiving this medication, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
  • Inform your doctor if you are currently taking any other medications, supplements, or herbal products, as they may interact with Celestone Soluspan Injection.
  • Celestone Soluspan Injection should not be used in patients with a known hypersensitivity or allergy to any of its components.
  • Use of corticosteroids such as Celestone Soluspan may mask the symptoms of some infections, monitor closely for any signs of infection while taking this medication.
  • Long-term use of Celestone Soluspan may also increase the risk of developing glaucoma or cataracts, particularly if the medication is administered directly into or around the eye.
  • Use of Celestone Soluspan Injection may also be associated with increased blood pressure, edema (fluid accumulation), electrolyte imbalances, and changes in mood or behavior.
  • You should also inform your doctor if you have received any recent live vaccines, as taking immunosuppressive medications such as Celestone Soluspan may have an impact on the effectiveness of certain vaccines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Celestone Soluspan Injection be used during pregnancy?

The use of Celestone Soluspan Injection during pregnancy should be carefully evaluated by a healthcare provider as it may pose risks to the fetus.

Can Celestone Soluspan Injection be used in children?

Yes, Celestone Soluspan Injection may be used in children but should be used with caution and under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

How long does Celestone Soluspan Injection take to work?

The onset of action for Celestone Soluspan Injection may vary depending on the condition being treated and the individual patient's response to the medication. Your healthcare provider will be able to provide more specific information.

Can Celestone Soluspan Injection be taken with other medications?

Celestone Soluspan Injection may interact with certain medications, supplements, and herbal products. Be sure to inform your healthcare provider of any other medications you are taking before receiving this medication.

Is it safe to receive multiple injections of Celestone Soluspan?

Repeated injections of Celestone Soluspan may increase the risk of certain side effects such as bone loss, fractures, and infections. Your healthcare provider will weigh the potential risks and benefits before recommending multiple injections.


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Betamethasone Sodium Phospate/Betamethasone Acetate


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