Aerochamber Child Small Mask (For use with Inhalers)

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AeroChamber Plus with infant mask is a small volume spacer that comes with a mask, intended for use with babies. The use of AeroChamber plus Flow-Vu with the infant mask or the small mask is suitable for infants up to 18 months and requires a prescription. The device helps in controlling the symptoms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by delivering the medication effectively into the lungs.

The Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask helps to ensure that the child receives the full dose of medication by reducing the amount of medication that is lost in the mouth and throat, and by slowing down the speed of the medication so that it can be more easily inhaled. The device also helps to reduce the risk of side effects by delivering the medication directly to the lungs.

Use and Dosage

Here are the steps on how to use the Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask:

  1. Insert the metered-dose inhaler (MDI) into the end of the Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask.
  2. Shake the MDI well, and then press down on the MDI to release one puff of medication into the Aerochamber.
  3. Place the mask over the baby's mouth and nose, ensuring that it fits snugly and covers both the mouth and nose.
  4. Encourage the baby to take six slow, deep breaths while holding the Aerochamber with mask in place.
  5. Remove the mask from the baby's face and encourage the baby to exhale.
  6. Wait for 30-60 seconds, and then repeat steps 2-5 for each additional puff of medication as directed by a healthcare professional.

Follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer and healthcare professional for using the Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask. If you have any questions or concerns about using it properly, consult with a healthcare professional.

Forms and Strength

Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask (For Use with Inhalers) is available in the following forms and strength:

Aerochamber Infant Plus with Mask: Child Aerosol Inhalation Device

  • No dose


  • Use the device as per the instructions and only with the inhaler medication prescribed by the healthcare professional.
  • The device should be used under adult supervision to ensure proper usage and prevent any possible mishaps.
  • Keep the mask clean and dry to prevent contamination and to replace the mask at least every six months or as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • If the child experiences any adverse reactions such as increased wheezing or difficulty breathing, stop using the device immediately and consult a healthcare professional.
  • The device may not be suitable for all infants or children with certain medical conditions. It's best to talk to a healthcare professional before using the device.
  • Using the device improperly or not cleaning it regularly may affect its performance and decrease its effectiveness in delivering the medication into the lungs.
  • Ensure that the mask fits the baby's face properly and is comfortable for the baby to wear during inhalation therapy.
  • If the baby has any underlying medical conditions, such as a heart condition or high blood pressure, it's essential to consult a healthcare provider before using the device.
  • The device should not be used with any other accessories, such as a nose clip or a mouthpiece, as it may affect its performance.
  • The inhaler medication may cause side effects, such as jitteriness, increased heart rate, and nausea. If the baby experiences any of these side effects, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional immediately.
  • The device should not be used with damaged or expired inhalers, as it may affect the effectiveness of the device in delivering the medication.
  • Store the device in a dry and clean place and away from sources of heat or direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if my Aerochamber with mask is working correctly?

You can check if your Aerochamber with mask is working correctly by watching the valve move as your child inhales. You can also check for leaks in the mask seal by ensuring that the mask fits properly and checking for air escaping from around the seal.

How often should I replace the mask on my Aerochamber with mask?

The mask on your Aerochamber with mask should be replaced every six months or as recommended by the manufacturer. You should also replace the mask if it becomes damaged or contaminated.

Can I use Aerochamber with mask with any inhaler medication?

Aerochamber with mask should only be used with the specific inhaler medication prescribed by a healthcare professional. Using it with other medications may affect its effectiveness.

How should I clean my Aerochamber with mask?

You should clean your Aerochamber with mask after each use with warm water and mild soap. Rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry before the next use.


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For use with Inhalers


Aerochamber Child Inhalation Device



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