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Why Breakfast is So Important, Especially for Teens

Parents are always harassing teens to tell them what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. Despite this, studies show that over half of all male teens in America, and over two-thirds of female teens do not eat breakfast daily. You have probably been told before that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is correct, but we will tell you why.

Thinking quicker – Breakfast will help you too think faster and clearer. You can more easily process and solve problems after a good morning’s meal!

Improved memory – Without breakfast your body lacks glucose. Glucose is needed in brain function and without it your memory will suffer. If you eat dinner, it is a good 12 – 14 hours before lunch the next day and by then your brain is suffering significantly. Without glucose your body is forced to use protein and fat as an energy source in your brain, which is not nearly as useful as glucose.

Happier mood – Breakfast improves your mood which also contributes to your studies. Being in a happy mood improves your general health. Also, with eating breakfast it is much less likely that you will suffer from depression. Because you have better cognitive function and think you are smart it may increase your self esteem which helps avoid conditions like depression.

Out-smart – Because most people don’t eat breakfast, if you immediately start eating breakfast and improving your cognition you can out-smart the majority of the teen population.

Eating breakfast can help your grades go up in school due because you will have a longer attention span and will be able to obtain more knowledge. Also, adults who eat breakfast will find it easier to lose weight. Overall the small amount of time and effort required to make and eat breakfast seems a small price to pay for the great results of significantly improved cognitive function, and mood.

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