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Water Helps Weight Loss

A recently published study showed that drinking water before each meal can advance weight loss. Drinking just two glasses of water before meals can be a significant help in losing weight. The study was conducted in Virginia. In the study 48 people between 55 and 75 were tested. One group drank 2 glasses of water before each meal and the other group did not.  All the participants were put on the same low calorie diet. After 12 weeks the participants who drank water lost on average 4.5 pounds more than the participants who did not drink water. Those in the water drinking group lost about 15.5 pounds while the other group’s participants only lost 11 pounds average. Not only did the group who drank water lose more weight, they also kept weight off longer. Those who drank water before meals kept off the weight for a year and even lost another couple pounds. Just because water does help in weight loss does not make it a magic solution to any weight problems. Water has no calories and fills the stomach, which decreases a person’s hunger. Although water does help in weight loss you will have to put effort in other ways to promote further weight loss. Low calorie diets and lots of exercise combined with water (and extra water because when you exercise you sweat some water away) can all help you take off those pounds.

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