Watch Out For Those Collecting Donations, It Could Be A Scam

Watch Out For Those Collecting Donations, It Could Be A Scam

Because of today’s technology, we have been able to make our lives a lot easier in some ways. We can do our banking from home, buy gifts and almost anything else without ever walking out the front door. However, technology has also made it possible for people to take advantage of many people.

Fraud has become a very real threat especially since the internet has no borders. Many people can scam online, or even find legal looking documents and scam people on the street. Recently I read an article about a woman who went door-to-door saying she was collecting donations for a diabetes research foundation. She had many documents that appeared to look official and continued her scam for months until she was finally caught by police.

Now you have to be very desperate to try and fraud a significant number of people, but when you pose as collector for a fund that goes towards research for a disease you have to be pretty sick. I find fraud wrong enough to start with, but when you are potentially damaging the reputation of a company designed to look for a cure for a fairly common disease then there is just something evil about that. I say lock her up, make her really learn her lesson. This is one of those people that the justice system should make an example of.

However, even though it is very terrible it does happen, a lot. But there are some ways you can protect yourself. If a person is coming door to door, make sure your recognize the organization they are collecting for. Ask for some sort of identification. Also, ask for a number to the company to make sure you can verify that the person really is working for the company. If you don’t trust giving money to a person at your door, there should be a website you can donate at. Once again make sure it is an organization you recognize and make sure the website has all the security systems in place.

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