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The Power of Marriage Helps Battle Cancer

The Power of Marriage Helps Battle Cancer

Will finding that special someone help you survive cancer? Well a new study has shown that those that are married have a higher survival rate when compared to people that are single, divorced, or going through a separation.

Those that have found their life partner have a 63 per cent 5 year survival rate, and a 53 per cent 10 year survival rate. Followed by those that have never been married, then people who are divorced or widowed, and last are people who are going through a separation.

Obviously the stress of going through a split up takes a significant toll on the body. That damage lasts for the rest of your life and will always linger. However, those that are married or have never been married haven’t witnessed that sort of damage at least not for themselves. I would think this would help the person that is diagnosed use more of their energy on fighting cancer.

I think the only reason why married people have a better survival rate than people that have never been married is that married people have much more emotional support from their significant other. Their husband/wife is there helping them along the way, cutting some of the stress away and giving that person the chance to use more energy to fight the disease. Also, if I were married and diagnosed with cancer, I would feel the need to fight and beat cancer so I don’t leave my wife alone in the world. I would feel obligated to stay with my wife and be there to support her.

Regardless, marriage truly is an incredible union. Makes you wonder all the other illnesses that married people have a better chance of living through.