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Tanning and Your Kids

A survey of 1,300 high school kids from six different schools showed that 53% of high school students like to tan. Not a huge shock that just over half of the kids like to tan, especially with what today’s celebrities look like (I’m not a huge fan of the orange skin though). Although the one major thing that I find ridiculous is how almost every kid that said they tanned didn’t think they would be affected.

It does have to make you wonder what are these kids learning? If your child is stupid enough to think that they won’t ever be affected by their tanning, then I am surprised natural selection hasn’t found them already. If your kid does tan and doesn’t get any sort of cancer, great, but don’t expect to never be affected by what you do. Tanning is a big invite for UV rays to come and do their worst. It will most likely lead to skin cancer.

Maybe its not the schools fault maybe the parents are to blame. Parents talk to their kids about tanning. At least make them wear sunscreen and tell them the sort of damage they are doing. If your child still goes out to tan try to make sure they don’t tan for too long. Also try to get them to tan occasionally if they really want to. Cancer isn’t fun, but you should know what could and most likely will happen to you if you stay out in the sun for too long, too often.