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Sperm Travels Faster in Attractive Women

Sperm Travels Faster in Attractive Women

Despite popular belief, males actually can adjust the speed their sperm travels after ejaculation in a woman. A new study has found that men can control the speed and efficiency of their sperm by distributing more or less seminal fluid to their semen.

How do men control their sperm? The trigger is entirely dependent on the attractiveness of the female.The study found that males, no matter how promiscuous, can mate with many different females; however their chances of fertilization are greater if the female companion is considered attractive.The researches collected natural ejaculates from dominant and subordinate males at the University of Stockholm who had just mated with either an attractive or unattractive female.

According to the study’s co-author Charlie Cornwallis from the University of Oxford, “Female attractiveness is determined by the expression of a sexual ornament – the comb – which is phenotypically and genetically correlated to the number and mass of eggs females lay”.

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