Learn about SOPA

Learn about SOPA

Dear Valued Customers,

Your right to buy affordable medication from our accredited online pharmacy, Online Pharmacies Canada, is in jeopardy! Two recent efforts by the American Congress and Senate, the ‘Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft or Intellectual Property Act of 2011’ (better known as PROTECT IP) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), will block your access to our online pharmacy.

The first of these bills, PROTECT IP, defines all non US based pharmacies as a hazard to public health, even though our website follows legal and ethical standards, requiring a certified doctor’s prescription to purchase medication. While it may be true that there are websites on the Internet that sell black market or diluted drugs and prescriptions, Online Pharmacies Canada is accredited and reputable.

The second of the bills, SOPA, was introduced in October. Like PROTECT IP, it uses vague and ambiguous language, ultimately giving the US government the power to shut down our online pharmacy without a court order. The US pharmaceutical industry significantly gains from this legislation; the legislation eliminates their competition, allowing the US pharmaceutical companies to continue to sell medication at outrageous prices.

As previously noted, these bills seriously harm the welfare of US citizens, as citizens already struggle during these tough economic times. In Canada, there is fixed pricing for prescription drugs, and that is why we are able to sell our medications at 30 to 80% less than the typical American prices. However, with the passage of this bill, our valued customers will be “backed into a corner” – they will be forced to buy their drugs at the inflated US rate.

It is imperative that you take action today. Ensure that your access to medications from our ethical, accredited and affordable online pharmacy is upheld. Visit RxRights to protect your rights, follow them on twitter @RxRights, and/or visit the White House website to sign a petition against the two bills.

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