Healthy diet

How to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Every Day

Fruits and vegetables are extremely important to maintaining a healthy diet.

However, many of us never get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables everyday because we choose to fill our diets with bad carbs from fast food chains. Yet, there are simple ways we can increase our intake of fruits and vegetables.

Skip the chips and snack on something healthier. Instead of buying unhealthy snacks like potato chips and cookies, try eating some fruits and vegetables in between meals. I like to buy things like carrots that are a little harder and more solid of a snack, as they remind me more of a cookie or chip.

Add to the meals you already make. Try adding some vegetables to a pasta, or mixing some fruits in with a salad. This can add nutritional value to many meals and if you find some good recipes, you can create some very flavorful dishes.
Have fruits for desert. Try having more fruit after meals than something like ice cream or cake. Something like strawberries with non-fat yogurt can be very delicious. Maybe even make a fruit smoothie. Just add some yogurt, ice, and then fruits of your choice. I personally enjoy blueberries and strawberries.