Health Risks Faced In Daily Lives

Health Risks Faced In Daily Lives

Each day, Fred gets up, nukes the coffee from the night before, grabs his cell phone and heads out the door. He answers numerous work calls on this cell phone throughout the day. When he gets home, he jumps in the hot tub to relax, and then curls up in his electric blanket with a movie and some popcorn and falls asleep, completely unaware that his health is quickly depleting due to this standard routine.

Microwave – A study was done on 8 people, taking blood samples after they had eaten micro waved food for 2 months. These blood samples showed very low levels of hemoglobin. Low levels of hemoglobin can cause anemia. Microwaves also change the level of good and bad cholesterol in food.

Cell phones – One of the concerns of cell phone use is that it has been proven that men who use their cell phone for more than four hours a day have a lower sperm quality than those with low cell phone usage. The excessive use of cell phones may increase a brain cancer risk.

Hot Tubs – ‘Hot Tub Rash’ is caused by pseudomonas. This is not a very serious condition and will heal on its own in time. The second concern of hot tubs is that they have been known to cause genital herpes. “Hot Tub Lung” and “Legionnaire’s Disease” are also risks of hot tubs. Both diseases are from breathing in bacteria or vapors from the hot tub. Hot tubs also lower the amount of sperm production in men. Hot tubs also have been known to increase the chance of birth defects in women in the 1st trimester

Electric blankets – Electric blankets are surprisingly dangerous. Cancer, burns, and electromagnetic fields are some of the serious dangers electric dangers may pose. Make sure to buy a good quality electric blanket and replace it every 3 years.

Microwave Popcorn – Fluorooctanoic Acid is added to microwave popcorn bags as a resistant coating. This coating comes off into the popcorn in the microwave stage. Then it is absorbed into the bloodstream. This substance is thought to be carcinogenic (radiation directly involved in the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells).

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