Finding Relief From IBS Cramping

When you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), you are probably looking for ways to relieve some of the more troubling symptoms. One of the ones that people have a lot of trouble with is the painful cramping.

This can be a particular problem for women, as it is often hard to tell the difference between the cramping in the bowel and the cramping that happens in the uterus during menses. Because the symptoms are often worse during women’s periods, they usually assume they just have bad uterine cramping. They are actually experiencing both at the same time. Though it will be different for each person, there are ways to go about finding relief from IBS cramping.

The symptoms of IBS can be very embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable for anyone who suffers. Cramping is painful, and gas and diarrhea can limit the quality of life for others. If you want relief from many of these symptoms, there are some things you can do. When it comes to cramping, you can try to stop them from happening, or you can do things to ease the pain that comes with them. Though it will be worse for women, men also have the same cramping problems and are seeking means of relief too.

Cramping is a sign that the bowel is contracting too much. There is a malfunction in the bowels that causes this excess cramping, and there are many things that can trigger this. Though emotional upheaval is not a cause of IBS as some assume, it can bring on bouts. Stress and excitement both can trigger IBS symptoms to act up. The symptoms can also be triggered by exercise, fatty foods, milk products, caffeine, smoking, drinking alcohol, and anything with carbonation i.e. soda.

If you want to find relief from the cramping, you can try to eliminate some of these things from your life. Anything with caffeine should be avoided, though this is hard to do. It would mean giving up soda, coffee, and even chocolate and you’ll have to watch out for small amounts in OTC medications.

Some sufferers have found relief by practicing yoga. Though exercise can trigger cramping, this type of relaxing, calm exercise can help you avoid it. Yoga is very relaxing if done right, and it can rid you of the stress that brings on cramping and other symptoms. You should try to introduce high fiber foods into your diet, as these may help as well. Just remember to space them out, as they can contribute to gas problems.

There are also some medications that can help with finding relief from IBS cramping. There are some drugs called antispasmodics that can be taken to help reduce cramping in some patients. By nature, these drugs will help smooth and soothe the muscles contained within the bowel walls. This will help alleviate some of the cramping. They are normally taken thirty minutes or an hour before eating.

Though most patients have no issues with using this for finding relief from IBS cramping, it should be noted that those with this condition who suffer from constipation might find that this medication will make it worse. However, a combination of this medication and avoiding foods that are problematic can provide the relief from cramping you were seeking.

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