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Eat With a Heavier Friend and Lose Weight

Eat With a Heavier Friend and Lose Weight

Well a recent study has shown; if you want to eat less bring a bigger friend along with you. Researchers tested students to see how much they would eat. When the researcher was a size zero, but ate a lot, the test subject ate more.

However, when the researcher put on a fat suit and became a size sixteen, the test subjects tended to eat significantly less. My theory behind this is if the test subject wanted to stay or become skinny and saw a heavier person eating a lot they would eat less because they see what could happen if they binge on food. Yet, when they see a skinnier person eating a lot their mind tells them that it’s okay to eat a lot sometimes, if this person is skinny and eats a lot, then I can do the same.

When the researcher appeared thin she had a significant boost in control over the test subjects eating habits. However, the test subjects almost always ate less than the researcher regardless of the weight.

So if you really want to lose some weight and eat less food, maybe you should bring one of your heavier friends with you. Now you don’t need those dieting strategies, most of them are unhealthy anyway. You no longer need a personal cook, or to really control yourself as much. You just need a friend that’s a little bit bigger than you.