Dying For a Good Night of Sleep

Sleep is always something many of us struggle with. There is just too much to do these days and we rarely ever find enough time to finish everything. Work, children, television, and computers, are among some of the most common reasons why a great number of us are not getting enough sleep every night.

Whether you’re working extra to get that promotion or if you just like surfing the net, sleep or in this case the lack of it, is affecting your overall health. According to new research, someone suffering from chronic insomnia may be up to three times more likely to die early.

Sleep is an enormous contributor to our overall health, but very few ever report problems. We just brush it off and drink more caffeine to keep our bodies alert enough to make it through the day. Insomnia is a very serious condition that can have terrible consequences if left untreated. There are a few things you can do before going to the doctor.

Exercise – Being active can play a huge role in your sleeping pattern. By getting some moderate or vigorous physical activity in every day, you can use up some of that energy that might be keeping you awake at night. Not to mention, it will help keep you fit.

Read – Try reading for an hour before going to bed, it’s relaxing and can help ease your mind and body. Things like the computer and television can really disrupt your sleeping pattern and these things should be avoided for an hour before going to bed.

Listen to Some Music – This doesn’t work for everyone, but I like to play music while I go to sleep. I try not to play anything too loud as that would ruin the point.

Deep Breathing – Believe it or not, taking slow and steady breaths can really calm your body. Try to just focus on your breathing, really become aware of it. Try not to get distracted by anything else and you may find yourself falling asleep quite quickly.

There are probably many other creative techniques that you can find. However, if nothing seems to be working and you just aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis, schedule a doctor’s appointment. It might help save your life.