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Daily Moisturizers- A Threat to Breast Cancer Patients?

Daily Moisturizers- A Threat to Breast Cancer Patients?

There are many risk factors that contribute to a person developing breast cancer. One is the level of estrogen in the body. Through breast cancer research it was found that estrogen is a hormone that has a large influence on the risk of developing breast cancer. Many people believe that the reason breast cancer is more prevalent in women is because females produce more estrogen than males.

Patients with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer have to be even more careful of estrogen. In these cases, a tumor is able to grow more efficiently in an environment with high levels of estrogen.

Daily moisturizers, which are used extensively by many people, have been found to contain estrogen. This is not shown on the list of ingredients and was only determined after performing various different tests. Women with estrogen receptor- positive breast cancer should not use any moisturizers without first confirming its safety with a health care provider. Keep in mind, estrogen is absorbed more effectively by the body through the skin than orally.

In addition, it was hypothesized that women who do not currently have breast cancer are putting themselves at higher risk by exposing themselves to greater levels of estrogen via daily moisturizers.

Even after these results, manufacturers of the moisturizers argue that their product is completely safe. This makes it difficult to judge what is true and what isn’t. Further investigation by the FDA is necessary to determine whether use of such products is putting patients at unnecessary risk.