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CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Recognized as Safe in the US

CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Recognized as Safe in the US

The National Bureau of Economic Research has confirmed that members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) sell prescription drugs that are 100% authentic, safe, and significantly cheaper than in the US.

The Study

study conducted by the Bureau was conducted conducted by Roger Bate , Ph.D and Aparna Mathur , Ph.D from the American Enterprise Insitute and Ginger Zhe Jin , Ph.D from the University of Maryland Department of Economics.

The study took 370 samples of maintenance and lifestyle drugs from various pharmacies. The pharmacies included:

The Findings: CIPA Approved Pharmacies Are Safe and Cheaper

The final results of the study concluded that pharmacies that are certified by agencies, such as CIPA, not only provide good information to online customers, but also that the online pharmacies provide substantial savings to customers. This was particularly true for online Canadian pharmacies.

Moreover the study found that:

  • There is no difference in Canadian drug safety when compared to the US
  • The US charges upto 53% more for prescription drugs compared to foreign pharmacies, including Canadian pharmacies that are CIPA approved
  • On average, online pharmacies in Canada are 49.2% cheaper than in the US

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