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BPA Exposure Links To Asthma in Children

BPA Exposure Links To Asthma in Children

The increasing rate of children with asthma may be attributed to exposure to BPA, or Bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical used in making common household plastics. A recent study that was conducted in mice demonstrated that children are more likely to have had asthma if their mothers experienced exposure to BPA during pregnancy. The study compared the severity of allergic reactions within the mice whose mothers received BPA in their drinking water before, after and during pregnancy to those whose mothers did not.

These findings illustrate the importance of prenatal environments and create concern for those who plan to embark into parenthood as this chemical is primarily used in the manufacturing of CDs, DVDs, automobiles, food cans and reusable drink containers. Although in Canada BPA has been banned from use in baby bottles, you may wish to phase out the BPA products you use daily to a healthier alternative for your future children.

Ways to Reduce BPA exposure:

  • Eat Fresh or Frozen Foods – The BPA chemical is often used in the lining of food cans, and permeates into canned goods. Avoid the BPA involved with canned foods altogether by choosing a healthier choice of fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables and other foods.
  • Stay Away From Canned Pasta – The tomato sauce used in many canned pastas is highly acidic, and more likely to absorb more BPA from can linings. If you must buy canned pasta, choosing a brand that comes in a glass or cardboard container is the safest choice.
  • Don’t Heat Food in Plastic Containers – At high temperatures, certain plastics may break down and release BPA into your food. By simply heating your food in glass, porcelain or ceramic containers, you can avoid any possibilities of exposing yourself to BPA.
  • Water Bottles – In general, staying away from cheap plastic bottles is the way to go, so avoid buying flats of spring mineral water bottles. When choosing a personal water bottle, check to make sure that it doesn’t contain BPA, because BPA may be laced in the inner lining of different metal bottles.

Asthma is a serious condition which can have a large effect on your child’s everyday life, but can be managed through taking asthma medications. Reducing your exposure to BPA will not only improve your future children’s health, it can vastly improve your own quality of life as well.