December 10, 2009

Coffee May Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

To the fellow male coffee drinkers out there, I have amazing news (sorry ladies, this one is just for the guys). A study on coffee and its effect on prostate cancer was presented at the Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research conference in Houston, Texas, that showed a great deal of promise. The finding of the study showed that men who regularly drink coffee have a significantly lower risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. However, before anyone (mostly me) jumps to any sort of final conclusion, the study will require further investigation, and I’m sure there will be a multitude of studies just to follow up this one.

At this point in time I would just like to point out that coffee is really proving itself as a drink that will help your health not harm it. Coffee is mostly a good thing, (yes there are those few black marks on coffee’s record) it has proven its ability to restore energy, focus the mind, decrease the severity of heart attacks or stroke, help protect against some cancers, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and gallstones. Studies have shown that coffee helps prevent cavities, boosts a person’s mood, and helps stop headaches.

Remember if anyone asks why you drink coffee, you can tell them that you think the taste is awesome (which it is). And you can also tell them because of all the health benefits coffee provides. They’ll probably be confused due to the common misconception that coffee is bad for you, but you will know and that’s all that matters. After that, just walk away and feel like a champ, I know I would. Then go to the nearest coffee shop and buy yourself a victory cup.

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