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Beer: It’s Nutritious!

Beer: It’s Nutritious!

In the modern world, beer is often associated with the negative effects of alcohol. In contrary to this popular belief, beer actually does have nutritional value when consumed moderately. Researchers have recently discovered that drinking one (and only one) serving of beer per day will promote good bone density and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Beer and Bones – Beer contains a significant amount of dietary silicon, which is a crucial ingredient of bone growth in addition to calcium and vitamin D. The dietary silicon which is found in beer also supports the growth of connective tissues surrounding bones. Drinking one serving of beer per day may help prevent osteoporosis, a disease that is characterized by bone loss. Though no specific type of beer is proven to have the greatest nutritional benefit, light ales which make good use of hops are generally higher in silicon content, and so if you’re looking to strengthen your bone structure, any pale or light beer will meet your needs.

Beer and Your Heart – If a certain beer has a special place in your heart, take note that a moderate consumption of beer is beneficial to your cardiovascular health. Beer contains folate, an important mineral that helps to reduce levels of homocysteine in the blood, which in turn lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease. If that weren’t enough, certain ingredients found in beer are proven to lower cholesterol and will additionally lower risks of stroke and heart attacks.

Although beer appears to be a “superhuman” beverage, it isn’t for everyone. All the beneficial minerals that are found in beer can be attained through other sources of food. In particular, beer should not be enjoyed by pregnant women, those on medications which prohibit the use of alcohol and those under the legal drinking age.