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6 Tips For Buying Prescriptions Online

6 Tips For Buying Prescriptions Online

Online Pharmacies are an easy way to buy prescriptions and over the counter medications in confidentiality, and often at lower prices.  This can be convenient for the disabled, for older adults who cannot easily leave the house, or for those who live in rural areas where it is hard to drive to a drugstore.  In addition, Canadian online pharmacies are available to your use if you are embarrassed when ordering certain medications as most pharmacies online allow you to remain anonymous.  When buying from an online pharmacy, it is important to make sure the pharmacy is legitimate and trustworthy.  Here are some tips on buying prescription medication online.

1. Verify that the pharmacy is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).  CIPA ensures that online Canadian pharmacies are ethical and professional, and that the products are of the highest quality.  A good site should have an easy to get to page where you can read about its privacy and security policies.

2. Do not buy from an online pharmacy if they offer to prescribe a medication for the first time without an exam by a doctor. Likewise do not buy from an online pharmacy that offers to sell you a prescription medication without a prescription.

3. Only use online pharmacies that can provide you with a licensed pharmacist or doctor who can answer any questions you have about medications.

4. Stay away from sites that do not provide you with their contact information including their address and phone number. An online pharmacy should have an easily accessible contact page.

5. If possible, ask for the product you are purchasing to be in the manufacturer’s original package and closely inspect the medicine and its packaging upon arrival. If you notice anything strange or if you are concerned about the safety of the medication, talk to your physician or a local pharmacist before using the medication.

6. Determine whether the pharmacy requires a valid prescription from a doctor before it dispenses medication.  The prescription serves as confirmation that you have consulted a physician or other healthcare provider, that a physical exam has occurred, and the proper drug has been prescribed in the correct amount.

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