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5 Ways Video Games Can Improve Your Health

5 Ways Video Games Can Improve Your Health

Lately video games have been heavily criticized for all the negative effects they seem to bring out in the children and even many adults today. However, many of these horror stories about the effects of video games come from the improper usage of the video games. If used properly video games actually carry many benefits for the user. Moderate usage of video games combined with physical activity and good nutrition aid the user in more ways than one can imagine.

1. Video games have been known to improve hand-eye co-ordination. Anyone who plays sports on a regular basis knows the importance of good hand-eye co-ordination. Additionally, hand-eye co-ordination is needed for a variety of sports. Therefore, video games may lead to improved physical ability.

2. Video games provide a platform for the player to release negative feelings. Video games provide the player with a place to release all those bad feelings like anger and frustration. Many people blame video games for an increase in violent nature, but if monitored properly video games become a positive outlet. Instead of children fighting at school, they can vent out all the rage they have built up into video games where they or any other child will not be physically injured.

3. Video games may help prevent progressive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Video games are essentially “exercise” for your brain. Studies suggest that if one were to frequently exercise their brain, they may be able to push back the onset of Alzheimer’s. the best example of a video game that is designed to stimulate brain function would be the game “Brain Age.” The game is aimed to develop simple functions such as memory, and simple calculations, which may be able to prolong the onset of progressive mental illnesses.

4. Some video games, mostly on the Nintendo Wii, actually require you to exercise as part of the game. Even games like the new “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out,” for the Wii require you to actually make punching motions. While not as strenuous as an actual boxing match it does make exercising fun. Anyone who doesn’t think that it is “real” exercise obviously hasn’t seen my cousin play. He uses a strategy where he just keeps punching, and by the end of the match he’s covered with sweat. Thus, many of the advancements in technology have led to video games that actually require the player to exercise, promoting physical activity.

5. Video games help boost self-confidence. With the amount of Americans suffering from depression, a boost in self-confidence may be one of the most significant health benefits of video games. Currently 20% of American teens suffer from clinical depression, and if video games will help prevent it, then why not let the kids and even the adult’s play? Video games provide the player with some sort of recognition for their accomplishments. I certainly love the feeling that I get after a match of “Call of Duty,” when I see my name in first place.