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5 Ways to Control Allergies

5 Ways to Control Allergies

1. Find your triggers

Allergies are different for everyone. Take note of allergic reactions that you have and try to figure out what caused it. If you are unsure, have your doctor give you an allergy test.

2. Avoid exposure

Once you know what it is that is causing you problems, try to stay away from it. For some of us, that can be hard. I have several allergies myself including shellfish and pets – but am not always cautious about my exposure to these triggers. In addition, if you are a host to visitors at your home, make yourself aware of any allergies your guests may have. Perhaps you may have to vacuum pet hair prior to their visit, or make sure you aren’t serving food that they shouldn’t be eating. This will minimize the symptoms of others and make them more comfortable.

3. Be Prepared

If you have allergies, you probably know that you may be exposed when you least expect it! Maybe you did not plan on going to a corn maze during hay fever season, or visiting a friend with pets. Its a good idea to carry the necessary allergy medications on you at all times. Such things may include allergy pills like allegra or claritin, allergy eye drops, nasal spray, or in extreme cases an Epipen.

4. Keep air clear

For those with dust allergies, it is important to clean ventilation systems at home regularly in addition to dusting in order to prevent allergy symptoms. Avoid going places that are dust-rich like the garage, basement, or crawl space. On warm breezy days, keep windows open to allow the fresh air in.

5. See the doctor

Visit your doctor to find out if there are any new treatments for your allergy, or if your allergy symptoms don’t improve.