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5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Season Allergy Symptoms

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Season Allergy Symptoms

If you have an allergy to a commonly-used food in modern cuisine, or to dust or other allergens, you know that your allergy controls everything you do. Pollen allergies can become an issue during the holiday season because of that large pine tree in your living room. While the most common food allergies are shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and eggs, and unlikely to act as ingredients in holiday dishes, it never hurts to be safe when it comes to allergies.

Methods to Avoid Allergy Symptoms during the Holidays:

Fix the Tree – If you have mold or pollen allergies, selecting an artificial tree may be a wise decision this season. If an authentic tree is your only option, wipe it down with a wet cloth before bringing it into the house, and clean it frequently to avoid a buildup of allergens.

Clean Decorations – While your ornaments have been hiding away in storage all year, they have collected dust and pose as a threat to any mold allergy sufferers. Simply wiping down all decorations before placing them on your majestic pine tree will reduce dust allergens that may trigger an allergic reaction.

Clean Fireplace – Before its first use, cleaning your wood fireplace helps to prevent smoke inhalation, and will prevent any smoke inhalation based asthma and allergy attacks.

Poinsettias – This popular holiday plant is directly related to the Brazilian Rubber Tree, which latex is obtained from. If you have an allergy to latex, avoid direct contact with any part of the poinsettia.

Food – It’s easy to censor what foods you eat within your own home, however during the holiday season its occasionally difficult to forecast what you’ll be eating at someone else’s place. To avoid food allergy reactions, alert your host of your food allergies, and be sure to carry an epi-pen at all times.

While your allergies may take some toll on your daily routine, don’t let them stop you from enjoying the holiday season!