3 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

3 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

For most people the occasional panic attack or rush of anxiety happens. Many times at the most inopportune moment, like right before an interview for that new job you want, or maybe right as you’re walking up to that one person you’ve been waiting to ask out on a date. Anxiety can also make us strive to do better. For example, if a presentation for work is due, if you aren’t worried a little bit then you won’t be pressured to put enough work into the project. However, there are some people who suffer from extreme forms of anxiety that actually interferes in their daily life. Imagine a panic attack so bad you can’t make it into work for the next week. Obviously this can be a be a very significant problem, so here are some strategies (not involving medication) that you can try.

1.Take (at least) 10 Deep Breaths– You’ve probably heard this over and over, but that’s because it works. When you become anxious you start to breath faster increasing your heart rate and sending you into that kind of “frenzied” mode. By breathing deeply at least 10 times you slow yourself down. At the same time you can really think about what just happened and try to tell yourself everything is okay.

2.Exercise– Physical exercise has been proven to help in depression and in some people who suffer from frequent anxiety. Exercising releases endorphins in your body making your overall mood happier. Additionally, the exercise will help you take your mind off of any problems you are experiencing, and you’ll get a good work out in the process.

3.Get A Massage– If you’re feeling stressed out try having a massage. The massage should relieve some of the tension both physical and emotional. Ask a close friend or your significant other to massage you for a little while, this will keep the cost down especially considering massages aren’t cheap. Try lighting some candles if it will help you calm down.