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June 2015
When Patients Cross Borders to Get Medication
It is a wide known fact – prescription medication in the United States is expensive...

Fenruary 2015
Strokes and Diet - Are They Correlated?
Having a poor diet can put individuals at higher risk of having a stroke. More specifically, foods that are high in fat can lead to the build-up of...

April 2013
Smartphone Apps and Skin Cancer
Smartphones have apps for just about anything, even a few to detect cancer. Question is are these cancer detection apps reliable?

March 2013
Artificial Pancreas to Better Manage Diabetes
Scientists have discovered a new way of improving the lives of diabetic patients.

February 2013
The Importance of Eating Schedueles
Eating right is only half the battle, you must also learn what are the right times to eat your food to get the most benefit.

January 2012
Weight Loss is a Life Style Choice
Don't wait around for weight loss to come to you; you must take the initiative to improve your life style choices.

December 2012
The Much Expected Added Holiday Weight
Question is whether or not its all in our heads that we are gaining more weight during this season.

November 2012
Doctors May be Quick On Giving Up
Evidence has shown that some doctors give up to easily when it comes to treating heart attack patients.

October 2012
The Sickness Nocebo Effect
Learn how your mind could be tricking you into believing your sick when you actually are not.

September 2012
The Importance of Hope During Recession
A recession can harm you financially but not having a positive outlook on this situation can affect your health.

August 2012
The Emergency Room Myth
People believe that if they have Medicare which covers ER use they will be visiting the ER more frequently, this is untrue.

July 2012
The Dangers of Drugs
Simply because a doctor as prescribed you the medication does not signify that it is safem be cautious with your consumption of medication.

June 2012
The Fall of Health Care
Will health bills start to pile up at such a speed that you will be buried underenath them? There is indication that health care may be crashing soon!

May 2012
The Truth Behind Your Cough
Coughing, is it simply just whooping cough or are you suffering from Pertussis? Learn what the differences is between these two conditions.

April 2012
The Scoop On Flat Feet
Flat feet may cause pain and difficulties for a person, learn the various causes which lead to flat feet.

February 2012
Food For Thought
Is eating out a good food choice for people or should they simply have a home cooked meal? Also what foods should be consumed in order to stay beautiful?

January 2012
New Weight Loss Techniques
Be sure to chew properly in order to regulate your food intake. Also read up on how to lose the weight after the weight.

December 2011
Stay in the Holiday Spirit
With all of the hustle and bustle of this upcoming holiday season it can be easy to overlook your own well-being.

November 2011
Learn about SOPA
Your right to buy affordable medication from our accredited online pharmacy, Online Pharmacies Canada, is in jeopardy!

October 2011
More Coffee for Men
Learn why it is beneficial for men to drink more coffee. There are some certain benefits which men can have if they drink coffee rather than those who do not drink a cup of Joe.

September 2011
Schools Back, so are Food Allergies
With school starting up soon for many children, parents tend to feel nervous for children with food allergies.

August 2011
Tomatoe Time!
Are you eating enough tomatoes? We aren't eating enough of them despite them being billed as a wonder fruit.

July 2011
Take a Deep Breath
Suffering from asthma or are you not aware that you have seasonal asthma? Learn how to spot if you have seasonal asthma or not.

June 2011
Protect Your Skin and Face
Learn how to protect your skin from sun damage. Also learn how to prevent breakouts on your face.

Press Release

April 10, 2012 and Other Verified Online Pharmacies Safe According to Study Published by the National Bureau of Economic Research
NBER Study Shows that Drugs Purchased at International Sites Recognized by the CIPA and/or were Safe and Identical to Products Sold Domestically.
February 21, 2012
Thanks to Customers, SOPA Defeated but Online Pharmacies Canada Remains Vigilant
Online Pharmacies Canada and other members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) warn the future threats of PIPA are still a possibility.
May 5 ,2011
Increase in Uninsured Highlights Need for Health Reform
Today, more than 50 million americans are living without health insurance while the number of individuals covered by employer-based health coverage is dropping.
April 13, 2011
Echinacea’s Effectiveness Questioned
A recent study indicates that the herbal medicine echinacea may be no more effective than a placebo at treating the common cold.
PR Newswire
March 31,2011
CIPA and Identify Licensed Online Pharmacies is a fully licensed online pharmacy where american patients can buy safe and affordable prescription medication.
PR Newswire
November 15,2010
Online Pharmacies Canada is Now Guaranteed by buySAFE., a Canadian online pharmacy, partners with buySAFE to bring confidence to patients shopping for discount prescription medication.
PR Newswire
October 21,2010
American Drug Costs Continue to Climb and Americans Turn to Canadian Online Pharmacies for an Affordable Alternative, says Online Pharmacies Canada
Many Americans are turning to online Canadian pharmacies like for safe and inexpensive pharmaceuticals.
PR Newswire
August 10,2010
Generic Forms of the Brand Name Drugs Lipitor and Viagra are Now available in Canada
Canadian pharmacies like Online Pharmacies Canada are now able to offer generic alternatives to Lipitor and Viagra to their US patients at greatly discounted prices.

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