September 20, 2016

Why is Vitamin D Important for Nursing Babies?

pill-316601_960_720Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and an important part of everyone’s diet. Getting a good amount of vitamin D in the early stages of life can help prevent autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Most importantly, Vitamin D increases calcium metabolism and reduces risk of current infections. Sometime this can be tricky because the main source of our vitamin D comes from food and the sun.  Proper diets have a huge influence in determining our levels of this crucial vitamin.

It is vital that a baby consume enough vitamin D during the first year of life. This is particularly hard to do because breast milk and baby food may contain very little amounts of vitamin D.  However, “new research has found that giving breastfeeding mothers monthly high-dose vitamin D supplements may be a possible way to improve their babies’ vitamin D status”[1].

[1] University of Otago. “Increasing nursing mothers’ vitamin D levels may benefit babies.” Science Daily. Science Daily, 30 August 2016. <>.

December 17, 2010

What Is Vitamin Enriched Water Really Doing?

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Vitamin-enriched water appears to be health in a bottle. One bottle and you might have all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep up your energy, but is it too good to be true? A vitamin water company in the USA is being sued for misleading health claims. So what are you really drinking?

First off, the sugar in the water is not the best. If you look for the sugar content for vitamin water nutrition facts, you may be out of luck. If the water is being bottled in Canada, there will be no sugar content label since the vitamin-enriched water is considered a multi-vitamin and not a food product. The sugar content usually trapped in the water is 20-33 grams, which is enough sugar for soda.

As for the vitamins in the enriched water, we do not really know how much of it is absorbed by the body. Our bodies naturally require compounds for our body to absorb anything such as vitamin D and calcium. Without vitamin D, our body will not absorb a lot of calcium; that is why milk is enhanced with vitamin D. Vitamin water claims to raise energy levels with a high content of vitamin B. The truth is that we usually absorb a lot of vitamin B through grains like rice and bread, therefore excess vitamin B will just be flushed out making you rush to the bathroom fairly frequently.

A lot of people are drinking vitamin-enriched water after a workout; after exercising, our bodies need an extra source of sugar and carbohydrates to recover. Sports drinks such as PowerAde or Gatorade are more beneficial than vitamin water for a work out that lasts longer than an hour. Sports drinks have an ideal amount of carbohydrates making it easier for our bodies to absorb.

If you are drinking these vitamin-enriched waters, treat it like a soda beverage and do not drink a lot of it If you are looking for a healthy drink; old-fashioned water and a multivitamin will do the trick. For those who do not like the taste of plain water, add some strawberries or blueberries. There are many alternatives for water if you can’t handle plain water, just remember what vitamin water is really doing!

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