February 18, 2010

Links Between Accutane and Severe Skin Conditions

Acne medication
Accutane may be dangerous to some users. Although Accutane has been helping many people deal with severe acne problems, the medication has also been linked to a series of extreme skin reactions. These are rare, but they can result in hospitalization, disability, or death.

Officials are warning those using Accutane to discontinue their use if they experience a rash, often accompanied by a fever, malaise, or irritated eyes, blisters or sores on the legs, arms or face, sores in the mouth, throat, nose or eyes, or skin peeling. Contact your doctor immediately after you notice any of these signs.

Some that have reported severe side effects have experienced rather gruesome skin conditions. Stevens-Johnson syndrome has been caused by Accutane, which results in the outer layer of skin separating from the dermis.

This isn’t the first time Accutane has been criticized for its side effects. In the early 80’s, women were reported to be having miscarriages or having children with birth defects as a result of the medication. Additionally, the medication has also been linked to causing depression and suicide; however there is no completely proven link.

August 13, 2009

Breastfeeding Good For Mothers Too!

Most mothers know that breastfeeding their child has numerous health benefits for their child because they get all the nutrients they need. However, in today’s busy world where most women either bring in equal income or more income then their male counterparts, many women have chosen not to breastfeed, but instead went for the formula. Recent studies may make those considering feeding their child formula to reconsider.

A recent study has shown that breastfeeding may be good for the mother as well. If you have a family history of breast cancer then breastfeeding may be an incredibly important thing for you to do. Research shows that if you have a history of breast cancer then breastfeeding can actually cut the risk of breast cancer before menopause in half!

Additionally, if you chose not to breastfeed, BUT you did take the medication to help suppress the production of breast milk you also lowered your risk of breast cancer by about 42%. Although taking medication isn’t as good as breastfeeding it is definitely a better option then choosing not to breastfeed and not take the medication.

Hopefully this helps you decide whether breastfeeding is important to you or not. If you do possess a history of breast cancer then maybe this will give you that final push to decide to breastfeed your child.

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