August 27, 2019

7 Ways Shopping At Online Pharmacies Will Save You Money

online pharmacies

Pharmaceutical costs are rising fast. Are you looking for a cheaper option? Do you need your medication to cost less and arrive sooner?

Websites referred to commonly as online pharmacies are an increasingly reliable option for getting cheaper medication. These virtual intermediaries give you the chance to really weigh your options the next time you need to fulfill a prescription.

But, it’s not just options people are looking for. Finding a cheaper option for prescriptions is a priority for anyone who’s been to a doctor. If you are someone looking for ways to save money on your prescription, keep reading for the tips you need to know.

1. Broader Medication Options

Online pharmacy intermediaries in Canada give you access to a wide range of high quality and affordable medications. Going directly to your local pharmacy might not have the medication you require or exceed your budget.

An intermediary pharmacy service can get you an array of prescription benefits, refills, and order options that might be difficult to find otherwise. A service like this gives you a broad number of solutions compared to other cases where your prescriptions might have limitations.

2. Check and Compare Prices

Intermediary services give you the opportunity to compare prices among retailers and suppliers. You may find it difficult to check and compare prices on your medication at a physical store.

When you go online, you can sort between generic and name brands. You can also navigate your medication by personal symptoms, diagnoses, and side-effects. This system gives you the chance to pick a product that is affordable and best suited to your needs.

3. Coupons and Savings

Many intermediary pharmacies specialize in finding you special coupons and additional savings on your current prescription. Even if you’re a new user, on some websites you can find coupons that cut the cost of prescriptions in half.

Going straight to a pharmacy can make it challenging to save on your medication. Although deals might be offered in your area, it’s a huge benefit to have a location online to manage your savings.

4. Do Everything From Your Home

Online services let you select your medications from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to spend extra time and money on travel costs, parking meters, or anything in between. Thanks to online services, you can make all your purchases from one location.

Choosing an online service means that you can schedule your refills without having to make a call or go into a store. One of the major benefits of using a virtual platform is that making repeated visits is much easier than going in-person time after time.

5. Patient Assistance 

Patient assistance programs can save you money on your prescriptions. A PAP gives you the chance to apply for discounts, coupons, and much more. When considering your intermediary service, look for signs you’ll be given the credit and options you deserve.

You can increase your odds of receiving benefits by having your personal information on hand while using an online service. It’s also a good idea to review your prescription with your doctor to see if you qualify for any other benefits.

6. Get Your Prescriptions Faster 

By ordering online, you can receive your prescriptions faster. You can even track the progress of your shipment via email to make things easier. By having your prescription shipped faster, you might even spend less on medical bills.

During the time you may wait for a traditional shipment, you may experience ongoing symptoms. Trusting a speedy service gives you the chance to get past over maladies right away.

When scouting for an online intermediary pharmacy, you can start researching shipping times. When discussing your prescriptions, you’ll receive a roadmap for shipment and delivery.

7. Discounts 

Discount Canadian prescriptions can save you a lot of money. Use your region to help you sort out which deductions best apply to you.

Try experimenting with different filters for discounts. If your region doesn’t offer a discount, try searching for personal benefits that might apply.

If that doesn’t work, it’s worth contacting several counters to see what options you might have available. You can easily apply for discounts depending on your situation, thus leading to cheaper online purchases.

Online Pharmacy Intermediaries and The Care You Need 

We’re at a time when the cost of pharmaceuticals has risen. These days, people around the world are looking for a trusted source that can give them the medicine they deserve. Not only that, but people want to have easy and quick access to their medication.

After reading this article, you’ve learned about some key ways to save money on your prescription. In fact, by now you know the main steps you can take to get discounts and major decreases on your next pharmacy tab. So, what’s next?

If you’re sick and tired of having to travel miles to your pharmacy, why not contact your pharmacy through a trusted online service? By choosing an online pharmacy intermediary, you get more options in half the time. If you have any trouble understanding the online instructions, it’s a good idea to look for a contact number listed on the website.

Your next step is simple. Place an order for your next prescription. While you do so, try searching for options that suit you best.

Don’t let your health get away from you. Start taking the necessary steps to buy affordable medication!

October 4, 2016

4 Ways Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs Differ

Drugs can usually be categorized into prescription and over the counter (OTC) drugs. These two categories have many significant differences. Here are four aspects in which they differ:

Prescriptions are not needed for OTC drugs.

OTC Drugs can be purchased without a prescription or a doctor’s referral.  The assumption is that the patient is able to recognize their symptoms and find an appropriate OTC drug to reduce them. Prescription drugs however require a doctor’s prescription. This is due to the fact that the patient needs to see the doctor before he can recommend a stronger or more specific drug to cure their condition.

The sale of prescription drugs is limited compared to OTC drugs.

Prescription drugs can only be dispensed by pharmacies. A mandatory prescription is needed for these drugs and can only be sold once prescription is verified. However, OTC drugs are readily available at pharmacies and grocery stores straight off the shelf.  They are also available at pharmacies but are not limited to them.

Consumption and usage of OTC and prescription drugs is distinct.

When purchasing a prescription drug you are provided with a specific label which guides you on what dose to take. These instructions are highly specific and are recommended by your doctor. You may also receive additional advice from the pharmacist on how to take the drug.  OTC drugs use different reference points, such as weight, height, age, on how to determine what dose is appropriate for each patient.

Use of OTC drugs requires self-diagnosis.

Patients make the decision of which drugs they need to take when purchasing OTC drugs whereas doctors determine which drugs a patient should take when purchasing prescription drugs. However, if the symptoms are uncommon, or are not alleviated by the OTC drug, it is advisable that they consult a doctor so they can prescribe the appropriate medication.



September 6, 2016

What You Need To Know About Your Prescription Medication

team of pharmacist chemist woman group standing in pharmacy drugstore

Make sure to double-check that you are leaving a pharmacy with the right medication.

There are certain measures in place that protects a patient’s health and safety before receiving a prescription medication. Since prescription medications are stronger than medications sold over the counter, the purchasing process is highly regulated. In order to ensure a safe experience, it is important that a patient takes their own precautions as well.

The prescription process begins with your family physician writing a prescription with detailed instructions on how to take the medication. Next, your pharmacist receives this information and double checks to ensure that the information filled out in the prescription is accurate and safe for the patient to take.

When dealing with prescriptions, there are certain things about the ordering process that would be beneficial for patients to know. For instance, reading hand-written prescriptions can be a challenge for pharmacists and has resulted over 7000 deaths related to reading-related mistakes [1]. So, it is vital that you and your pharmacist double check that you are receiving the correct type and dosage of medication.

Children are another safety risk that parents must give special attention towards. Child-resistant lids for medication bottles are the ideal preventative measure, reducing the danger when a child has a bottle of medication in their hand.

It is also important to be well-informed in regards to the kind of medication you are taking. There has been a noticeable decrease of risk perception on the danger of prescription drugs by 20% over the last 20 years, which is a dangerous proposition [2]. There are numerous cases of preventable medication errors each year that causes harm to patients. Knowing the exact instructions and the dangers of accidental overdose is crucial to preventing these accidents.


[1] Caplan, Jeremy. Time. Retrieved from,8599,1578074,00.html

[2] U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Retrieved from:

July 19, 2016

Pharmaceutical Companies Manipulate Prices to Maximize Profits

graph-and-dollar-sign-as-shadow_M1DL4crO-compressorIt is a common practice in a business to think about maximizing profits. But when pharmaceutical companies like Valeant Pharmaceuticals are seen hiking their drug prices up to 6000% it raises a red flag on many ethical levels.  This activity is not new in the pharmaceutical industry.

Valeant is not the only company which increases their prices significantly; it is common for many large pharmaceutical companies to increase prices, as there are no legal ramifications to their actions. Recently, Valeant was placed in the spotlight because they were increasing the prices for many critical medications such as Nitropress, Isurpel, Syprine, and Cupermine. Furthermore, these medications were not innovative or new; this causes consumer outrage because the ridiculous price increases cannot be justified.

Therefore, the occurrence of cases like Valeant is indicative of manipulative strategies to earn the most out of vulnerable consumers. Find out more on the dialogue between Valeant and the Senate’s Special Committee on Aging and how they explained the price hikes on drug prices.

July 5, 2016

How to Save 94% on Blood Cholesterol Medicine

Rosuvastatin is an oral drug which is commonly used to lower blood cholesterol levels. It also treats many conditions such as hyperlipidemia, mixed dyslipidemia, and hypertriglyceridemia. This drug is now available as a generic in many pharmacies but the brand name, Crestor, is much cheaper if purchased online.

medical warehouse

Many consumers tend to speculate the quality of the drugs when purchasing from an online pharmacy, but with the help of online resources it is easy to verify that these drugs are being purchased from a reliable source.

Search for affordable blood cholesterol medication

June 10, 2015

How CPPI Is Gaining More Support On Social Media

Social Media SupportCPPI has definitely made a lot of progress with regards to their cause via social media as well as the web. Through this, the organization has managed to engage the American patients and consumers thoroughly. They have included the use of Facebook, Twitter, and CPPI’s own website to place ads, be more open, honest, and communicative. They have also recently started getting in touch with organizations that they hope would offer their support to them.

User Engagement Through Social Media

Ever since the Facebook page has been launched, the likes have continued increasing day by day and the overall response has been overwhelming. Facebook posts are made regularly and these posts talk about the pertaining issues that need to be resolved, such as the importance of having talks with the members of Congress.

CPPI’s Twitter profile has managed to do the same and has driven a significant amount of traffic with a comprehensive engagement on social media.

When it comes to the CPPI website, there have been banner ads placed that have been viewed by a lot of people and notable actions have been taken in relation to these banner ads.

Many individuals (197 people so far) have also signed up for newsletters of CPPI. And it is believed that this number will likely grow considering that the cause has so much social media support already. Also, the great thing about social media is that if one person is supporting a specific cause, then they will likely share it with the people in their network as well. When something is shared on social media, more people automatically get to know about it, resulting in more support.

Supporters To The Cause

There is a small group of allied organizations that are offering support to the cause. These include the National Hispanic Council on Aging, National Alliance for Caregiving, and National Indian Council on Aging. Follow-ups will be conducted with these organizations. Apart from these, there are also five to six organizations that have been identified for offering potential support for the cause. These include the National Retirees Legislative Network, Mayo Clinic, Pew Center Health Care Project, as well as Center for American Progress.

CPPI understands how important it is to keep the members engaged, especially through social media. When they have a large following, they will most likely be able to create a lot more awareness for their cause and reach out to a lot more people. The best part is that many of the Americans relate closely with their cause and the efforts that they are putting in to make sure that the citizens can get access to affordable and high quality medications from Canada.

June 2, 2015

The Truth About ASOP Claims


A project known as the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP) was initiated to offer protection to American consumers against the risks associated with online drug purchasing. However, ASOP give Americans information that favors their funders all under the umbrella of protecting Americans.

The truth is that Big Pharma is the founder of ASOP. The fact that Big Pharma is among the most profitable organizations in the world mean they are willing to do everything in their power to maintain that position including using scare tactics.

It is true that some online pharmacies are rogue and getting rid of them requires collective efforts. However, ASOP gives the impression that any online pharmacy that is not owned by Americans is rogue and is out to harm Americans which is not the case. They employ distorted “statistical analysis” in scaring people from purchasing drugs from online pharmacies. Therefore, they make folks believe that the only way of buying safe medications is by choosing American online pharmacies.

There is evidence to prove otherwise and this is in form of many harmless and valid online pharmacies in Canada that have supplied Americans with safe medicine for years. We can attest to this fact because we know many patients who have relied on these pharmacies for their different ailments for years and have never experienced any harmful health effects.

FaegreBD which is a big lobbying firm in Washington DC is responsible for running ASOP. They have many clients both past and present and some of them include Baxter Healthcare, the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA), Eli Lilly and Orexigen among others. These are “big clients” with a lot of influence capable of swaying decisions in their favor. For example, PSDA consists of over 25 stakeholders all found in the pharmaceutical distribution supply.

Big Pharma receives support from NABP, ASOP and so on and claim to care about the big number of people (100,000-700,000) who succumb to illness from counterfeit drugs purchased online yearly. ASOP adds that they are committed to protecting patients globally from the harmful effects of counterfeit drugs in order to provide patients with safe and approved medicine which they can access through the legitimate pharmacies. They go on to say this is their top priority.

Though this may seem fair, our concern is that, “Why don’t they apply the same rage when there are folks harmed by pharmacies approved by VIPPS? This mostly happens through dispensing errors committed and this end up harming American patients. They don’t seem to use the same cry for safety in these cases when those they claim to be their members approve and encourage the production and distribution of medications for unapproved purposes.

Safety of medications is an important issue and should resonate throughout the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. This priority should never be substituted for a greater “hunger” for more profits. We do not dispute the claims made by ASOP but they should be unwavering in their pursuit of ensuring the safety of American patients regardless of who is invlved.



November 21, 2013

CIPA Approved Canadian Pharmacies Recognized as Safe in the US

CIPA-approved-canadian-pharmacies-safeThe National Bureau of Economic Research has confirmed that members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) sell prescription drugs that are 100% authentic, safe, and significantly cheaper than in the US.

The Study

A study conducted by the Bureau was conducted conducted by Roger Bate , Ph.D and Aparna Mathur , Ph.D from the American Enterprise Insitute and Ginger Zhe Jin , Ph.D from the University of Maryland Department of Economics.

The study took 370 samples of maintenance and lifestyle drugs from various pharmacies. The pharmacies included:

The Findings: CIPA Approved Pharmacies Are Safe and Cheaper

The final results of the study concluded that pharmacies that are certified by agencies, such as CIPA, not only provide good information to online customers, but also that the online pharmacies provide substantial savings to customers. This was particularly true for online Canadian pharmacies.

Moreover the study found that:

  • There is no difference in Canadian drug safety when compared to the US
  • The US charges upto 53% more for prescription drugs compared to foreign pharmacies, including Canadian pharmacies that are CIPA approved
  • On average, online pharmacies in Canada are 49.2% cheaper than in the US

Online Pharmacies Canada is a CIPA approved Canadian pharmacy, where you can purchase prescription drugs online, at discounted prices. For more information, click here .

December 16, 2010

6 Tips For Buying Prescriptions Online

Online Pharmacies are an easy way to buy prescriptions and over the counter medications in confidentiality, and often at lower prices.  This can be convenient for the disabled, for older adults who cannot easily leave the house, or for those who live in rural areas where it is hard to drive to a drugstore.  In addition, Canadian online pharmacies are available to your use if you are embarrassed when ordering certain medications as most pharmacies online allow you to remain anonymous.  When buying from an online pharmacy, it is important to make sure the pharmacy is legitimate and trustworthy.  Here are some tips on buying prescription medication online.

1. Verify that the pharmacy is approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).  CIPA ensures that online Canadian pharmacies are ethical and professional, and that the products are of the highest quality.  A good site should have an easy to get to page where you can read about its privacy and security policies.

2. Do not buy from an online pharmacy if they offer to prescribe a medication for the first time without an exam by a doctor. Likewise do not buy from an online pharmacy that offers to sell you a prescription medication without a prescription.

3. Only use online pharmacies that can provide you with a licensed pharmacist or doctor who can answer any questions you have about medications.

4. Stay away from sites that do not provide you with their contact information including their address and phone number. An online pharmacy should have an easily accessible contact page.

5. If possible, ask for the product you are purchasing to be in the manufacturer’s original package and closely inspect the medicine and its packaging upon arrival. If you notice anything strange or if you are concerned about the safety of the medication, talk to your physician or a local pharmacist before using the medication.

6. Determine whether the pharmacy requires a valid prescription from a doctor before it dispenses medication.  The prescription serves as confirmation that you have consulted a physician or other healthcare provider, that a physical exam has occurred, and the proper drug has been prescribed in the correct amount.

January 13, 2010

Online Pharmacies Canada Has A New Look

That’s right; Online Pharmacies Canada has undergone a significant remodel over the past few weeks, with several new changes to help you navigate our website better.

New Sections

From the homepage it is as easy to navigate throughout the website as possible.In anticipation of all of your regular questions, we have moved our Frequently Asked Questions section to the red banner (which also includes other important sectors) at the top of each page for accessibility. We’ve also added an account segment, designed to make your prescription drug orders simpler and more personal, which can be accessed through the gray buttons above the red banner on the right.

Finding Your Way Around

You can find all of our website sections located at the top of your page in the red banner for your convenience. Clicking on any of these sub sections will take you straight to its content, which is now in a format specially designed to be easily read. You may also note that our price check search shortcut is at the very top of each page, to promote straightforward access to our online medication database.

If you’re wondering where the list of most common prescription drugs went; it hasn’t disappeared, and can be found at the bottom of each page for easy reference. Also, like before, all customer service icons, including our shipping information, privacy statement, contact us form and site map, can be found at the bottom of every page.

Patience Please

We realize that this is a big change of reference for our website, and that there also may be a few errors, as with any momentous transfer of information from one format to another, items tend to get misplaced and reorganized. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to use our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with clarification.

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