May 6, 2011

Simple Cures for Headaches

Migraine headache treatmentHeadaches are a natural part of our lives that occur from time to time. Many people try to help migraines by taking a headache medication. There are many different types of headaches that a person may experience.

• Tension headaches are the most common type of primary headache which are caused blood muscles contracting. Up to 90% of adults have had or will have tension headaches. Tension headaches occur more commonly among women than men.

• Migraine headaches are the second most common type of primary headache. An estimated 28 million people in the United States (about 12% of the population) will experience a migraine headache. Migraine headaches affect children as well as adults. Before puberty, boys and girls are affected equally by migraine headaches, but after puberty, more women than men are affected. It is estimated that 6% of men and up to 18% of women will experience a migraine headache in their lifetime.

• Cluster headaches are a rare type of primary headache affecting 0.1% of the population (1 in a 1,000 people). Cluster headaches are very intense and are described as a constant burning or piercing pain. It more commonly affects men in their late 20’s though women and children can also suffer these types of headache.

Often, the following simple steps can help in preventing or relieving headaches:

1. Drink plenty of water: Dehydration is a common cause of headaches. On average, a person should drink about 6-8 cups of water daily or they can consume broccoli, bread, or fish which contain a large amount of water.

2. Reduce Stress: Although stress occurs daily in our lives, we can reduce the stress by taking mini-breaks to relax or talk to a few colleagues. This will help keep your mind off of the things that were causing you stress and help lower the chance of a headache.

3. Eat properly: Proper nutrition is important because it could be the cause of headaches.

4. Drink a cup of herbal tea or coffee: Caffeine helps to stop your blood vessels from contracting and decreases a headache’s intensity. However, having too much caffeine can also cause more headaches. Drinking herbal tea will cure headaches without increasing the chances of it occurring frequently.

5. Have correct posture: Posture is very important in preventing a headache. Poor posture will decrease blood circulation through the body. Sitting up straight and having the wrists aligned with the forearms will help to decrease headaches.

6. Use extra pillows to elevate you head: Using extra pillows will elevate your head which in turn will drain out your sinuses. This method is more effective in curing sinus headaches.

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