September 20, 2016

Why is Vitamin D Important for Nursing Babies?

pill-316601_960_720Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and an important part of everyone’s diet. Getting a good amount of vitamin D in the early stages of life can help prevent autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Most importantly, Vitamin D increases calcium metabolism and reduces risk of current infections. Sometime this can be tricky because the main source of our vitamin D comes from food and the sun.  Proper diets have a huge influence in determining our levels of this crucial vitamin.

It is vital that a baby consume enough vitamin D during the first year of life. This is particularly hard to do because breast milk and baby food may contain very little amounts of vitamin D.  However, “new research has found that giving breastfeeding mothers monthly high-dose vitamin D supplements may be a possible way to improve their babies’ vitamin D status”[1].

[1] University of Otago. “Increasing nursing mothers’ vitamin D levels may benefit babies.” Science Daily. Science Daily, 30 August 2016. <>.

July 27, 2009

Why Is my Baby so Fussy?

All babies respond and behave differently; some are calm and relaxed, and some are fussy and hard to please. However, a new study has proven that the behaviours of your baby have nothing to do with your ability to parent them.

A Canadian study published in the journal of Psychological Science shows that the combination DRD4 gene is associated with sensory responsiveness and specific brain patterns are what cause different babies to be soothed more quickly than others.

McMaster University in Ontario Canada completed a study that looked at the brain activity of 9-month-old babies. When the babies turned 4, their mothers answered questions regarding their behaviour. Samples of DNA were taken and examined for the DRD4 gene. They discovered that based off of the gene activity in specific parts of the brain, they could determine which children were soothed easily, and which ones had temperamental problems.

If your baby is fussy however, there is no way that their temperament can be altered. The best thing to do is learn about your baby’s specific needs and accommodate them with several techniques’. Some popular ways to sooth fussy babies are to:

– Keep them moving by slowly walking or sitting in a rocking chair

– Put your baby in the car and go for a ride around the block. This helps many babies to fall asleep because of the constant repetitive stimulation

– Play soft music

– Burp your baby more often during and after meals

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