November 16, 2011

A fresh look at Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

erectile dysfunction disorderErectile dysfunction is caused from a lack of blood entering the penis, resulting in an inability to achieve an erection. A 2011 medical study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center concludes that positive lifestyle changes can both prevent and treat erectile dysfunction.  Alarmingly, this study confirms the link between erectile dysfunction and heart disease.  However, head clinical researcher for the study, Dr. Stephen Kopecky, sees this association as an opportunity for both men and GPs; he hopes this discovery will motivate the former to make lifestyle changes to improve both their coronary and sexual health, while he hopes the latter will send patients with erectile dysfunction symptoms to cardiologists.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

While typical erectile dysfunction treatment for severe erectile dysfunction includes oral phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor therapies (i.e. medications), this study suggests that lifestyle changes can be very effective at improving the sexual health of men experiencing mild erectile dysfunction.  The study advocates natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, which include having a balanced diet, quitting smoking and exercising.  Dr. Stephen Kopecky stresses the latter, stating that “exercising for 20-30 minutes, five times a week has a huge effect.”  The study found that these aforementioned positive lifestyle changes can improve a man’s erectile dysfunction score by up to 2.7 points (as measured by the International Index of Erective Function 5).

Erectile Dysfunction Psychology:

Positive lifestyle changes will not only positively affect a man’s sexual performance and coronary health, they will also benefit a man’s mental health.  Mental health is often overlooked; however, it is intrinsically tied to a man’s sexual performance and negatively affected by erectile dysfunction disorder.  Thus, these positive lifestyle changes will improve the overall well being (coronary, sexual, and psychological) of a man, giving more incentive for a man to make these changes.

Erectile Dysfunction Medications:

While natural remedies for erectile dysfunction may work for mild erectile dysfunction, the study still recommends using PDE-5s  for severe erectile dysfunction (medication can improve a man’s Index of Erectile Function Score by up to 10 points). Thus, if a man is unable to achieve and maintain an erection, in spite of lifestyle changes, there are many highly affordable and effective medications available, such as Viagra or Cialis. To order Viagra or buy Cialis you should visit an online pharmacy.

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