November 10, 2011

5 Ways to Boost Metabolism

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The importance of one’s metabolism in weight loss and overall quality of health has become a popular topic.  Metabolism is the chemical reactions that occur in the human body in order to maintain life, reproduce, respond to their environment and grow. Metabolism is represented by the amount of energy one’s body burns to accomplish the mentioned chemical reactions. Once the human body has used the amount of energy to continue with their basic daily activities, such as eating and working, the body stores the excess calories in the form of fat cells. Metabolism varies between people because everyone has different genes. Some people have a high metabolism, which keeps them naturally skinny; others have a low metabolism making them more susceptible to gaining weight. However, everyone has the ability to influence their metabolism though their lifestyle and diet. Here are five ways to boost metabolism.

  1. Exercise – Exercise is the most important and effective way to increase metabolism. Exercise burns calories and acts as a catalyst for the chemical reactions. Exercise creates more work for your body, so your metabolism is forced to pick up. The effects of exercise are infinitely great, improving overall quality of life. Putting on muscle and increasing your heart rates creates a higher overall quality of life.
  2. First meal – The saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is true! Breakfasts increase one’s metabolism by 10%. Eating breakfast signals to the body that it is time to start the metabolic rate for the day after being in a slumber through the night.
  3. Dealing with stress – Stress is unavoidable, but how one deals with it is in their own control. Stress affects virtually every aspect of one’s life, even metabolism. The higher the stress level, the more out of control the metabolism gets.
  4. Water – The saying, “drink 8-10 glasses of water a day” is true! Water will speed up one’s metabolic rate. Drinking water also good for weight loss trick because it tricks the body into thinking it’s full.
  5. Calories – The intake of calories, followed by the elimination of calories, is the weight loss equation which plays a role in metabolism.  Controlling diet is the best way to affect metabolism.  Try eating small meals throughout the day so that your body is in a burning mode all the time. Also avoid eating late at night, especially before bed.

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