October 28, 2011

7 Deadly Terrors

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Everyone has a certain fear that affects them from time to time. However, certain individuals have fears that affect their daily life, such as eating, sleeping, or even being in a big social group. Some fears might sound ridiculous to others but to those affected, it consumes every minute of their day. However, a trained clinical professional could help ease their fears for them to go on with their day. Here are a few interesting fears people are affected by all around you:

  • Genophobia: Genophobia is a fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse. The word is derived from two Greek words, genos and phobia; Genos means offspring and phobia means fear. Those that are affected by Genophobia tend to be intensely affected by the attempt of sexual contact or even the thought. They also try to steer clear of relationships to avoid intimacy resulting in feelings of loneliness. Genophobia is developed due to trauma that has been sustained during a sexual experience.
  • Cibophobia: Cibophobia is a fear of food. Often, people suffering from cibophobia are mistakenly diagnosed with anorexia because the two are closely related. However, anorexia is the fear of food’s effect on the body, while cibophobia is the fear of food itself. Some have both anorexia and cibophobia, and diagnosis should be made through a trained clinician.
  • Chrometophobia: Chrometophobia is the irrational fear of money. This fear causes those affected to be fearful of touching money; they will choose to use their credit cards, debit cards or other modes of purchase instead.
  • Ergophobia: Ergophobia is the fear of working. Ergophobia causes irrational anxiety when they are in their workplace. Ergophobia could also be a combination of other fears such as the fear of failure or even fear of public speaking at work. The word Ergophobia is derived from the Greek words, ergo and phobia which means work and fear, respectively.
  • Angrophobia: Angrophobia is the fear of being angry. A person with angrophobia may fear that their anger could hurt another person or their anger could intensify towards violence. Those affected by Angrophobia may withdraw from the company of others and avoid contact with others.
  • Zelophobia: Zelophobia is the fear of jealousy; whether it is their feelings of jealousy or others feeling it towards them. Zelophobia could usually be triggered by an intensely negative experience in the past. Many causes of Zelophobia have been cured by trained health professionals.
  • Eisoptrophobia: Eisoptrophobia, also known as Spectrophobia is a fear of mirrors. Sufferers experience anxiety even though they realize that their fear is irrational. Eisoptrophobia also arises due to superstition; they could be afraid of breaking a mirror and bringing bad luck upon themselves.

Whatever your fears may be, there are always many different treatments available for your symptoms, such as treatment for anxiety or treatment for depression. If you think you are suffering from any of the phobias listed above, talk to a health professional to be on the right track towards recovery.

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