January 27, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

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Apple cider vinegar is commonly referred to as a cure for just about any ailment you can think of. Could that be physically possible though? Vinegar is used for a lot of things, but there is no concrete evidence found in research to show that any form of vinegar can be used for good health.

Apple cider vinegar is made through the process of fermentation. Yeast and bacteria are added to juices that are crushed and squeezed out of apples; the sugars are then turned into alcohol. The alcohol is then converted to vinegar by an acid forming bacteria known as acetobacter. The acid in vinegar is what gives it such a sour taste.

Some health magazines claim that vinegar will do great and different things for an individual’s health. It is claimed to treat diseases, health conditions, and even some annoyances. It is said that vinegar will kill head lice, ease digestion, reverse aging, and wash toxins from the body. All of these claims have been made with little to no research.

Although many claims are made with no research, there are some medical uses that show promise:

High cholesterol – A study on rats done in 2006 showed that vinegar does have the potential to lower cholesterol. While this study looks promising there is still no concrete proof to show it is possible.

Diabetes – Vinegar affects blood sugar levels in very positive ways. Several studies show that vinegar may also help glucose levels.

Weight Loss – Vinegar has been used as a tool for weight loss for a very long time, the reason being that it helps people feel full. A recent study had people eat bread with and without vinegar which showed that those who had vinegar felt fuller after they ate.

While this looks promising, negative effects of vinegar have also been found. Apple cider vinegar and a lot of other vinegars are very acidic; this has a lot of negative health effects on its own. The acidity can harm tooth enamel, and tissue in your mouth and throat. Long term use of apple cider vinegar could lower potassium levels and reduce bone density. It can also affect people with diabetes; vinegar contains chromium which has potential to alter insulin levels.

It is unclear whether or not using apple cider vinegar is a good idea due to lack of research. Using very small amounts from time to time shows very low risk, however using it in large doses is not recommended. Using apple cider vinegar shows both negative and positive results whether or not it’s a good idea or not is up to you!

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