September 29, 2010

Quality of Care Does Not Mean Patient Satisfaction

All through the United States, there are many hospitals, all of which are evaluated on their quality of care. Certain states, such as Ohio and Michigan have hospitals that are highly rated in quality of care. However, other states like Hawaii are not so fortunate. Surprisingly, the states that are ranked highest in quality care are not always ranked highest in patient satisfaction.

States that were rated highest in quality care include to two previously mentioned Ohio and Michigan, as well as Delaware, Massachusetts and Connecticut. However, the top states for patient satisfaction were Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Alabama and Louisiana.

While high quality of care did not equal high patient satisfaction, most of the states with the lowest ranking for quality of care were also ranked with the lowest patient satisfaction. Lowest among the quality of care were the District of Columbia, Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico and New York. The District of Columbia, Nevada and Hawaii were all also included in the lowest ranked in patient satisfaction, along with Florida and California.

Due to low quality of care and/or low patient satisfaction, many U.S citizens are participating in a practice known as medical tourism. These people are choosing to travel to different countries all over the world to receive treatment. This can be done for a number of different reasons. A person may choose to have a medical procedure in another country because they simply cannot afford to pay the medical costs in the United States. Other people may travel to other countries or even other states because they may feel that the hospitals near them may not be good enough. Another rather popular reason for trying medical tourism is to have a medical procedure that is experimental or not yet allowed in the United States. This has been a very hot topic in media recently especially with people who have Multiple Sclerosis. However, people must also be aware of certain risks. Some countries may not have the same quality of care, but are considerably cheaper. You will have to weigh these risks on your own and make a decision.

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