July 9, 2010

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Fragrance

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perfume, smellIt’s become a common fact that beauty must come with a price, and with the current fragrances and perfumes on the market today, that’s certainly become a reality. The concept of perfume originated long before the Common Era, and has developed throughout the centuries to become the personalized fragrance that today women associate with not only beauty, but also with class and individuality. As the perfume industry has been commercialized, so too have the industrial practices of manufacturing fragrances. The ingredients of modern perfumes are still held under lock and key and legally kept secret under the protection of old laws. A recent study that was conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed that most of the perfumes and male fragrances on the market today contain approximately fourteen unlisted chemicals, most of which have never been tested for safety.

This study additionally outlined several health risks associated with wearing perfumes:

Allergies – Many of the unlisted chemical ingredients in today’s leading fragrances are associated with allergic reactions including asthma, headaches, wheezing and contact dermatitis. These sensitizing chemicals are known to additionally increase the chance of allergy development in people who are repeatedly exposed to them.

Hormone Disruption – Each of the seventeen perfumes tested in this study were found to contain at least one hormone disrupting chemical. Hormone disrupting chemicals have been proven to increase the risk of cancers, especially prostate cancer and breast cancer, as well as to contribute to thyroid problems. Chemicals containing hormone disruptors have also been linked to birth defects and infertility.

Inhalation and Absorption – The nature of modern day fragrances allow for the chemicals ingredients to be absorbed topically into the skin and inhaled. These unnatural and toxic chemicals have been found by various studies in umbilical cord blood, allowing for newborns to be exposed to toxins even before they are born.

Over the past few years, many health regulations have been put in place to regulate the ingredients used in processed food and in the products we use every day.  Shouldn’t fragrances be held to the same standards?

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