July 12, 2010

Mandatory High Cholesterol Screening For Kids

Despite all the high cholesterol screenings being conducted left, right, and centre, kids are being left out. A recent study finds that some children who have a genetic case of high cholesterol would benefit from medications for high cholesterol. Ten percent of children who have high cholesterol are missed in these screenings.

It was discovered in the study that 36 percent of children who have high cholesterol that is treatable by medication have been missed in cholesterol screen tests. It was also found by taking lipid tests in West Virginia that 71 percent of the children meet screening requirements based solely on their family history. If cholesterol screenings were mandatory it is thought that early diagnosis would be beneficial for children.

The only loophole in this plan is putting children on medication that they may have to rely on for their entire lives. This may be best not to start at such a young age. Obesity levels were not taken into account in this study.

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