May 8, 2010

One More Reason to Go Green

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Recent studies completed by the National Wildlife Federation demonstrate that global warming isn’t only affecting our planet’s fragile ecosystem; it’s taking the severity of allergies to a whole new level. Today, over 25 million North Americans suffer from respiratory allergies as a result of pollen. This recent study has revealed that Ragweed, the plant that is the primary cause of fall hay fever, produces much more allergenic content in environments with increased carbon dioxide, not to mention that a longer growing season induced by the planet’s new warmth will allow for more Ragweed growth, and therefore, more pollen. In the United States, more than thirty-two million dollars are annually being poured down the drain as a result of allergies and asthma, an amount that neither the American government or the Canadian government, can afford to be paying with the recent economic downturn.

On Earth Day, President Barrack Obama urged Americans everywhere to “take action”, and make an effort to improve the current conditions of our environment. Canadians too, are being asked to contribute to a greener future. The Canadian government has recently implemented a plan to reduce the gas emissions in new passenger automobiles and light trucks that will be produced in the 2011 model year, and additionally is working with the Governments of the United States and Mexico to phase out hydro-fluorocarbons.

But while our government works hard to reduce our environmental impact, there are still many things that you can do to help erase the human footprint:

Planting a Tree – It may sound corny, but the average tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

Adjusting the Thermostat – Even turning your thermostat two degrees makes an impact on the environment. If you turn your thermostat even two degrees towards room temperature, you’ll save two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Turn Electronics Off – Saving electricity by turning off the television and lights when you walk out of the room may seem like old news, however it will save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

Recycle – If you are able to recycle half of your household waste, you can save two thousand and four hundred pounds of carbon dioxide waste per year.

Alternative Transportation – For every kilometer of alternative travel, you can save one pound of carbon. This may not seem like a lot, but if you monitor the amount of travel you put in your car each day, you’ll realize, it adds up.

By making an effort to live a greener lifestyle, you won’t only be helping your environment; you’ll have millions of allergy-sufferers to thank you.

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