March 8, 2010

4 Foods That Have an Unexpected Amount of Sugar.

Some foods and drinks pass themselves off as being healthy, but what most of us are unaware of is the ridiculously high amount of sugar most of these contain. Try to think of some of your favorite “healthy” snacks and look to see if they are really as healthy as they say they are. Some might be telling the truth, but you may be quite surprised about which of these foods and drinks have an unexpectedly high level of sugar in them.

Vitamin Water – You’d think that vitamin water would be filled with vitamins and other nutrients to help keep your body healthy and full of energy, but what you didn’t know is that some vitamin water, like Snapple’s Antioxidant Water may have over 30 grams of sugar.

Breakfast Bars – Breakfast bars are healthier than a doughnut in the morning, but they are nowhere near as healthy as they market themselves to be. Some of these breakfast bars have 13 grams of sugar in one serving. And just because they say organic doesn’t make them any healthier. Make sure you really pay attention to what and how much you are putting into your body.

Bran Muffins – Eating a bran muffin every morning seems like the healthy thing to do right? Well you’d be surprised. Sure there’s fiber in that muffin, but some muffins can contain 20 grams of sugar in them.

Bottled Iced Tea – If 8 ounces of Coca-Cola has 26 grams of sugar, then having some iced tea would be a much healthier choice right? Well, you’re partly right; yes it is healthier, but not by much. 8 ounces of Snapple Lemon Iced Tea contains 24 grams of sugar.

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