August 31, 2009

15% of Preschoolers Suffer From High Levels of Depression or Anxiety

Think that the children have it easy? Well it looks like you thought wrong. According to a recent study, 15% of preschoolers suffer from high levels of depression and anxiety. While some minor forms of depression and anxiety are normal in young children, elevated levels are very concerning. Difficult temperaments and maternal depression were found to be the most important risk factors.

Now I want to know what this means. Is it simply a factor of childhood, or is it a reflection of the world in which we know live in? Or was there just an abnormally high amount of depressed people in the testing region? The reason for the high rate of depression amongst preschoolers is unknown to me, but the one thing that is most alarming is the fact that 15% of preschoolers are suffering from abnormally high levels of depression and anxiety.

How is it that 15% of children who are not even in school yet are feel depressed and anxious. What are they depressed about? The only thing I can think of is, blame the parents. Sure maybe not all the cases are the parents fault, but at the same time, I don’t see how it is possible, in most of the cases, to not be the parents fault. The children haven’t really been exposed to the world and have only had the chance to take in the emotions, and general energy of the parents. Some sort of change needs to happen first with the parents because we can’t have a society where that many people are depressed. They deserve better.

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